About Us

Webinauts was born from a desire to create something new in the marketing and business development industry.

Meet Patrick, Paul & Joshua

Paul, Patrick and Joshua had worked together over the years on various projects with the idea that one day, they wanted to bring their unique skill sets together and create an agency that was unlike all others.

They each had different personalities with expertise in different fields, but had one thing in common: they knew that success in business doesn’t come from working with people who think the same way you do. It comes from surrounding yourself with people who think differently then you do, and creating an environment in which those different ideas can work together towards a common goal.

Our Inspiration

The inspiration for Webinauts comes from the Mission Control program of NASA. When the Apollo program was born, so many things had to be calculated, invented and tested that it was impossible for the astronauts to do it alone. Mission Control was created to bring engineers, scientists, pilots, and medical professionals together to achieve one common goal: landing on the moon and returning safely.

The beauty of Mission Control was that it got all those specialists speaking the same language for the good of the mission. Your business has a mission. Our Mission Control program is hear to help make that mission a success.

Why Work With Us?

Each client that we work with is assigned a Flight Director that is responsible for coordinating the efforts of our specialists and for developing the strategy for every client they work with. 

In addition to being your point of contact, your Flight Director is responsible for:

Campaign Reporting

Regular reporting meetings are scheduled to update you on the profitability of your campaigns.

Strategic Development

We seek to continuously improve your strategy without remaining stagnant.


Data Analysis

We let the data we collect tell us what to do and how to move your strategy forward.

Consultation Coordination

Sometimes you need an expert in a specific field. We help you get in touch with the right ones.

Continuing Education

Things are always updating and changing. It’s our job to stay on top of that so you don’t have to.

Goal Tracking

It’s easy to fall down rabit holes and forget your big picture goals. We don’t let that happen.

Let’s Work Together

If you would like to work with us, start by giving us some basic information about your business. Then, one of our representatives will get back in touch with you shortly to schedule a FREE consultaion!