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Digital marketing is an ever evolving industry. So much can change so rapidly that it can be difficult to keep up or make sure your employees stay up to speed. Our Marketing Education services are designed to allow your organization to gain insider knowledge in the fast-paced world of digital marketing. Our courses are perfect for:


    • Internal Employee Training
    • Large / Small Group Trainings
    • Online / In-Person Workshops
    • Internships
    • Corporate Training

Webinauts Services

Questions Our Courses Answer

How do I see when someone comes to my website?

How do I know what kinds of people are coming to my website?

How do I know where people are coming from to get to my website?

How do I know what people like on my website the most?

How can I see what people are doing on my website when they get there?

How do I measure if an action taken on my website is profitable or not?

How do I build and grow my audiences from my websites data?

How can I forecast for the future with the data I am collecting?

Webinauts Services

Our Current Courses

Digital Infrastructure for Small Businesses Workshop

How can small businesses start to compete with huge corporations? This course teaches small business owners how to collect and use intelligent data to grow and compete in any marketplace.

7 Pillars of Business for a Post Pandemic World

The world or the onlines consumer has changed drastically since the pandemic. Consumers now expect certain types of experiences and they will abandon bsuinesses who don’t offer them. Learn what your business can do to stay up to speed.

Makings Sense of The Digital Marketplace Workshop

Has your business traditionally been face to face? Are you looking to expand into the online world but don’t know where to start? This course is perfect for you! Learn foundational digital marketing principles like:


    • Facebook & Instagram Ads
    • Google Ads
    • Data Tracking
    • Organic SEO Growth
    • Marketing Funnels
    • And Much More! 
Industry Scholars Program | Digital Marketing Internship

We support CTE high school students in advancing their post-secondary education and career aspirations through valubale work-based learning activities. We supply all the ciriculum, training materials and assessments while the businesses enjoy the benefit of in-house digital marketing training from leading industry professionals.

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