Now that you've chosen your automated SEO plan, it's time to get your account set-up for success! To activate your automated SEO plan, you will need to peform the 3 action items outlined below:

Step 1: SEO Quickstart Guide

Step 2: Website Access

For instructions on how to grant Webinauts Access to your website, please click the platform logo that your website is built on from the options below and follow the instructions provided there.

*Please send any website account invitations to *

If your website's platform is not listed, please contact us and a Webinauts representative will reach out to you within one business day.

Step 3: Google Business Profle Access

Please Follow the instructions below to grant Webinauts manager access to your Google Business Profile: 

  • Go to your Business Profile. Click here to find your profile.
  • Click Menu > Business Profile settings > Managers.
  • At the top left, click "Add"
  • Enter the following email address:
  • Under "Access," choose Manager
  • Click Invite.

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